Kaysville, Utah

Situated about twenty miles north of Salt Lake City, Kaysville offers a high quality, suburban lifestyle. Homes are both new and moderately priced. Majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and city entertainment are all within a short drive.

Skiing enthusiasts will find Kaysville particularly appealing. Popular ski resorts such as Alta and Park City are less than an hour away by car. In summer, spectacular Great Salt Lake not only offers a plethora of water sports, but also has several sandy, public beaches. Summers are typically quite warm but comfortable because of the very low humidity. Winters might be a bit snowy for some, but that dry, powdery snow is what makes for such perfect ski conditions. Schools are among the best in Utah.

The magnificent Greater Salt Lake City Area

Kaysville has plenty of nearby job opportunities being located just north of Salt Lake City and south of Ogden. Crime is low and several hospitals are in the vicinity. Families take pride in their town and many choose to stay generation after generation. Lots of mom and pop shops thrive in Kaysville and give the town a wonderful feeling of community. There are several parades in the warmer months. Salt Lake City International Airport is a convenient twenty minute drive for that weekend getaway.

If suburban life, city culture and mountain tranquility all appeal to you, pack your bags and pay a visit to the western haven of Kaysville, Utah!

Kaysville stats:

Total Population: 30,328

Median home value: $293,800

July is the warmest month, with an average high temperature of 91 degrees F.

January is the coldest month, with an average high temperature of 36 degrees F.

Average annual rainfall: 21 inches

Average annual snowfall: 43 inches

Fun fact: People are kind and generous in Kaysville. It’s one of the top ten towns in America with the largest charity contributions as a percentage of income. Bravo Kaysville!

Carson City, Nevada

What’s the only state capital to make it into Top Locales so far? Answer: Carson City, Nevada! This picturesque western city is only minutes from gorgeous mountains, horseback rides in the desert, and the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tahoe. Nearby Reno, the “biggest little city in America”, offers lots of entertainment. If you’re taking a trip somewhere or have friends or family flying in, Reno-Tahoe International Airport is only a 25 minute drive from Carson City.

Carson City may not be the first place one may think of for raising a family, but it excels in that area as well. The city has great schools and low crime. The climate is healthy as well. At a high 4,802 ft above sea level, afternoon temperatures in summer aren’t too hot. The humidity is comfortably low. Planning a picnic or a softball game? Go for it, sunny Carson City only receives 9 inches of rain the entire year! The winters aren’t bad either, with high temperatures relatively mild in the 40’s.

Kit Carson monument

You’ll find a nice downtown in Carson City where you could meet and mingle with all your cool new neighbors. In terms of jobs, there are a good number of state government opportunities in town. Plus, the larger city of Reno has an even larger job market and is a fairly short commute by car. When it comes to outdoor activities, the Lake Tahoe area has premium ski resorts, swimming, water sports and scenic hikes, just to name a few. This is a very environmentally healthy part of the USA too, with protected forests and clean, crisp mountain air.

The Carson City area offers the best of the mountains, deserts, lakes, four easy seasons and sunshine all year long. The good life here is just waiting for you!

Carson City stats:

Total Population: 54,219

Median home value: $217,400

July is the warmest month, with an average high temperature of 88 degrees.

January is the coldest month, with an average high temperature of 45 degrees.

Average annual rainfall: 9 inches

Average annual snowfall: 17 inches

Fun facts: The largest silver discovery in world history was in 1859 at Comstock Lode, just outside Carson City. Carson City was also a stop along the famous Pony Express!