South Plainfield, New Jersey

Believe it or not, there are some affordable places to live in the greater New York City area. South Plainfield is a quiet, suburban village that fits well in this category.

Located about 29 miles southwest of downtown Manhattan, residents of South Plainfield have a relatively short commute to NYC via nearby mass transit. New York City combined with northern and central NJ offer one of the largest job markets in the country.

Property taxes for the average one-family house in South Plainfield will run around $6,000 annually. That may seem high, but it’s a steal for suburban NYC. The school system here is also highly rated. When you factor the high salaries of this part of the USA with the moderate property taxes, the cost-of-living in South Plainfield is fairly low.

Rutgers University in nearby New Brunswick

South Plainfield is a very safe, family-oriented place. Many families will continue to stay here generation after generation because it has so much to offer. That can make it a bit tougher to find available houses compared to other towns, but they’re definitely out there.

There isn’t much of a downtown here, but northern New Jersey is near just about everything. New York City is about a 40 minute drive, plus several Atlantic beaches are only 40 minutes away as well. The Jersey Shore showcases miles and miles of scenic ocean beaches, boardwalks, amusements, events and restaurants. There’s so much to do on the Jersey Shore, many people will stay for the whole week or a long weekend. The mountains of NJ, NY and PA are a short drive as well, with plenty of hiking and skiing.

The weather in South Plainfield isn’t bad at all. Summers are warm and snow most winters isn’t that overwhelming. Excellent health care like Overlook Medical Center are a short drive away.

So if you didn’t think you could afford suburban life in the New York City area, think again! Take a look at South Plainfield, it may just change your mind.

South Plainfield stats:

Total Population: 24,154

Median Home Value: $325,400

July is the warmest month, with an average high temperature of 87 degrees.

January is the coldest month, with an average high temperature of 39 degrees.

Average annual rainfall is 48 inches.

Average annual snowfall is 24 inches.

Fun fact: Let’s face it, the pizza and bagels of the NYC area are by far the best in the country. I would just advise NOT ordering pineapple on your pizza here, it could be considered sacrilegious in north Jersey!