Virginia Beach, Virginia

If a major city makes it onto a list like this, it must be pretty special. Virginia Beach is such a place.

Most major American cities have numerous sections with high crime and poorly-rated school systems. Virginia Beach is low on crime in all major categories. It is one of the safest cities of its size in America. Most of it’s public schools score better than even some of the most desirable suburbs across the country.

Virginia Beach has over 450,000 people, so you can find plenty of the amenities a large city has to offer: arts/entertainment, sports teams, restaurants, bars and exciting events year-round. It’s also part of the larger Tidewater metro region in southeastern Virginia, containing Norfolk and Newport News. So if you don’t find something right in Virginia Beach, chances are you’ll find it close by. Being in a populated area also offers many job opportunities.

Spacious ocean beaches in Virginia Beach

However what really makes Virginia Beach really stand out are the miles and miles of beautiful, sandy, Atlantic beaches. The city takes great pride in it’s beaches, and they’re quite popular among tourists. Water temperatures get close to 80 degrees in August! Also, the geography of the coast here benefits Virginia Beach. Most of the hurricanes coming up from the south hit eastern North Carolina first, so they rarely are a major threat to the Tidewater area. The ocean breezes also prevent it from becoming quite as stiflingly hot and humid in summer as areas inland such as Richmond.

Weather in general is quite pleasant in Virginia Beach. Winters are mild, but there are still four distinct seasons. Summer is the longest season and winters are relatively short. This part of the east coast also gets lots of sunshine year-round.

Virginia Beach has a relatively low cost-of-living for a large city. The average home value is fairly low, around $267,000. With an above average household income of close to $71,000, most people could live quite comfortably in Virginia Beach. If you love both the city and the ocean, Virginia Beach could be the perfect place for you!

Virginia Beach stats:

Total Population: 450,435

Median home value: $267,300

July is the warmest month, with an average high temperature of 87 degrees.

January is the coldest month, with an average high temperature of 49 degrees.

Average annual rainfall: 45 inches

Average annual snowfall: 6 inches

Fun fact: The beautiful Virginia Beach waterfront contains a three mile long concrete boardwalk, open to both bicyclists and pedestrians. It’s one of the cleanest, most well-kept boardwalks you’ll find anywhere.